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Who are we?

Competence ASBL is an association which was created in 2013 by experienced HR professionals, trainers and coaches to help professionals in need of developing their competencies. Our multi-national, multi-cultural and multi-lingual team possesses a practical and sound knowledge of the Luxembourg employment market combined with an international exposure.

The daily work experience of our HR professionals and coaches shows them, that although most large companies offer good development programs to their employees, this is often not the case in small or micro companies.

Nowadays many employees are aware of the need for continued development of their competencies. However, if they receive no support from their employer, they do not know what to do. They need support to transform the trainings that they have done at their own initiative into a coherent skills portfolio and to transfer this into a strategic career development plan.

We often meet experienced professionals who are at a turning point in their career and want to re-orientate for different reasons. Many do not have a competent partner with an in-depth knowledge of the employment market and with whom they could brainstorm their ideas in order to identify and design a new career path.

Our experienced HR specialists and coaches have developed a range of services to assist and support these individuals.


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