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Competence ASBL focuses on developing the skills of people looking for work. We are present in different forms and we work in various ways with schools, young people looking for a job, 45+ people searching for a job.

Career Orientation & Skills Assessment

Competence ASBL offers skills assessments for experienced and career reorienting individuals. 

Workshops for
Job Seekers

Competence ASBL regularly sets up intensive, specialised training sessions for young persons and for experienced persons.

Personal Development Plan

Following skill assessment, Competence ASBL, supports in developing and implementing a personal development plan.

Performance Coaching

Competence ASBL supports individuals who wish to improve their organisational or management skills through individual coaching sessions.

Orientation for Pupils & Students
Skills Assessment

Competence ASBL also offers orientation assessments to pupils and students to help them choose their future studies or their first job.

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Cooperation with Schools

Some members of the association intervene regularly in schools to facilitate the link between school and labour market by leading seminars on various subjects.

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